Have you been discriminated in school based on your race? religion? gender? skin colour? socioeconomic status? disability? language? sexuality? identity?

Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people because they belong to a particular group including but not limited to race, gender and religion.

Discrimination can be direct and indirect, interpersonal and systemic. Beyond just bullying, discrimination can be in the forms of mistreatment and micro-aggressions that are both subtle yet wounding to the victim.

Children who experience discrimination are more likely to struggle with poorer self-esteem, mental health and less academic motivation.

Children are in a critical period of identity formation and norms, while schools are regulated environments primed for intervention.

A key challenge to advocating for better policies to be implemented in schools is the absence of data on discrimination within Malaysian schools.

We aim to create an open-access resource to support researchers, teachers, and activists, as well as compiling our findings with recommended courses of action to the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Unity, state education bureaus and political parties.

Sekolah Semua allows parents and students alike to share their story so we can get more data on identity-based discrimination in Malaysian schools.

If you have previously faced discrimination in school or know of anyone who does, help us gather data by filling in our survey or promoting the reporting portal on your platforms.

We know discrimination is happening.

Sekolah Semua is a movement to combat identity-based discrimination in education, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Sekolah Semua is the tool that will help us get the information we need to make a difference.

Together, we can help make schools in Malaysia better and safer for our children.


Sekolah Semua is run by a passionate team of volunteers & interns passionate about making a change in our education system. We come from different backgrounds, creeds and education streams to work together for a more just Malaysia.



Sekolah Semua is looking for individuals and organisations to amplify our cause. Reach out to the following individuals if you are interested in becoming a supporting partner.

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Your story will help create better policies.

Sekolah Semua is the tool that will help us get the information we need to make a difference.